Meet The Birdmen

Meet The Birdmen poster frameWhether aboard a unique homemade flying machine, piloting a modified hang-glider or leaping forth in fancy dress, there is just one aim in the Birdman competition: to fly as far as possible before plunging into the sea. This intimate and action-packed documentary gets to know these human-powered aviators before hurtling with them into the highs and nosedives of the Birdman weekend.

A Boat That Goes

A Boat That Goes poster frameThis is the story of the rotting remains of a WWII Motor Torpedo Boat, a maverick houseboat builder, and a promise to create an ocean-going vessel for his demanding fiancé. Heron was abandoned, sunken and rotting in the estuary when Hamish McKenzie, a creator of sculptural static houseboats, set about trying to transform her into a seaworthy craft. This unusual documentary hangs out with Hamish, his spirited crew and his doubting neighbors, as the project takes his lateral-thinking carpentry towards uncharted waters.