Tony Hughes taking off in Meet The Birdmen Meet-The-Birdmen-Logo-blue-white

Spend a little time with some inspired individuals who dream of taking to the air, from a high platform at the end of an English pier.

Whether aboard a unique craft of their own design, piloting a modified hanglider or leaping forth in fancy dress and dancing shoes, there is one aim for competitors in the Birdman event: to travel as far as possible before plunging into the sea.

This intimate and action-packed documentary gets to know Andrew Jarvis and Ron Freeman as they prepare for the competition, before hurtling with them into the highs and nosedives, disasters and triumphs of the Birdman weekend.


Tony Hughes, Ron Freeman and Andrew Jarvis in Meet The BirdmenAndrew is driven on by his late wife’s wishes that he gives the Birdman another shot. The outcome of hundreds of hours of planning and construction rests on a few precious seconds as he exposes his self-built creation —and his dreams of flight— to unforgiving elemental forces.

Ron Freeman is hang-glider pilot, with a boyhood love of flying and an impish competitive spirit.
Tony Hughes —his rival since their days in the British Olympic team— is cool, confident and utterly determined to fly further than Ron.

As the film builds to a climactic finale, the record books take a battering as Ron and Tony push themselves to the limit, employing risky tactics in high winds as they struggle to outdo each other.

Meet The Birdmen was screened at the Hackney Picturehouse as part of the London Short Film Festival 2015. If you would like to organise a screening, please contact us.